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4 Biofield Healing Sessions Package

1.000,00 lei

Biofield Healing Immersion® works in the invisible quantum field that surrounds every living thing, including your body.

The field holds energy and information from everything that has ever happened to you in your life.
During our healing sessions, we will begin the process of releasing disturbed information that shows up in your body, mind, emotions, and life, as dis-ease.

This is the most rapid way to heal and is a completely different understanding of how health and the healing process truly work.

Biofield Healing is not energy work, it is working in the quantum field where there is energy AND information. This information is communicating to the body and the physical symptoms are the disturbed patterns of information.

My recommendation is to commit to 4 sessions to hold and maintain the new higher healing frequencies. Most people have deep subconscious patterns that are contributing to their physical or mental health issues and they’re so subtle they’re not even aware of it.

The sessions will take place online, after confirming the registration you will receive all the details and the schedule for appointments.